My First Week as a Product Manager with a Silicon Valley start-up

February 23, 2023

I recently started as a Founding Product Manager for a Bay Area start-up (fully remote), and I wanted to share my experience from the first week. While I’m not new to Product Management, the job title is new to me. In the past, I worked closely with developers and designers, leading projects from start to […]

Three reasons why Arc should win the battle of browsers

It is so unbelievably rare these days for a business to be meaningfully differentiated through its technology, or even its UX, alone. Emily Hayward Context switching is the enemy # 1 to high-quality work. And I've observed that most of it happens in the browser. For the last couple of years I've been trying to […]

A Customer Discovery Case Study

I recently led a customer discovery bootcamp to validate the product hypothesis, identify the ideal customer profile (ICP), and get closer to the product-market fit. Through this bootcamp, we:  Identified the primary target audience through user research   Ideated, tested, and validated the messaging for the audience   Delivered user flow designs for the V1 of the […]