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Product Strategy for tech businesses

Let's create products that people want and brands that people love. I'm strategically positioned at the intersection of UX Design, Product Management and Marketing to help bring clarity, prioritization and alignment into cross-functional product teams.

UX consulting

Business Strategy x UX.
I’ve always enjoyed solving complex business problems using design thinking principles, both for my clients and myself. Every business today needs to be user-centred (not competitor centred), and I can help lead this transformation for you.

Founder's Marketer

Lean Startup x Marketing.
Over the years I’ve successfully delivered marketing strategies for several founder-led companies. Identifying and leveraging the most effective marketing channel(s) to turbocharge user acquisition is my strong suit.

ux-Brand Sync

Product Design x Branding.
Brand building for digital products, where does one even start? UX Designer Vs Art Director, who should you hire and when? Having worked with both UX and advertising agencies, my expertise lies in aligning product and brand teams.


Devesh Uba
January 13, 2023

Three reasons why Arc should win the battle of browsers

It is so unbelievably rare these days for a business to be meaningfully differentiated through its technology, or even its UX, alone. Emily Hayward Context switching is the enemy # 1 to high-quality work. And I've observed that most of it happens in the browser. For the last couple of years I've been trying to […]
Devesh Uba
December 25, 2022

Metta, not Meta

"Love your crooked neighbour, with your crooked heart" - W.H. Auden I first heard the word 'metta' during my first ten day Vipassana course in India. On the tenth day the teacher asked us to 'project our lovingkindness to the world' - I'm sorry what? Do I even have loving kindness to share it with […]
Devesh Uba
November 1, 2022

Branding Lessons from the Neighbourhood Gelato Shops

I've worked with several founders over the years as a product/marketing strategist. Though these projects were spread across different industries and geographies, most of them had a common problem - the founder's fear of branding. From my experience, most founders are intimidated by branding. They'll keep branding for the end - mostly reduced to a […]
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I am Devesh, product consultant with over a decade of experience developing and managing digital products. In the past, I’ve built a business from the ground up in a challenging business environment in Nigeria. This has enabled me to become an effective problem solver, and mindful of business needs.

Having worked with clients from across industries and from around the world, I bring to all my engagements my deep understanding of business, marketing, and product life cycles. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with marketing or product strategy, I can help.

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