'Someday is Today' - Book Review

August 20, 2022

I've finished reading 70% of Matthew Dicks's latest book 'Someday is Today'. I've been a fan of Matthew Dicks, and I highly recommend his book Storyworthy. The first part of the book was mostly about realizing the importance of time. I agree we need to be aware of the limited time we've got and protect […]

Minimum Viable PKM

June 16, 2022

I've recently set up my PKM system, and I'll recommend every knowledge worker to try it out . If you're interested to learn how I get started, you can find it in this post. The post received some good feedback and I learnt that Personal Knowledge Management system could be overwhelming when you're starting out. […]

Four Thousand Weeks - Book Summary and Review

April 25, 2022

Having read many books on being more productive and optimizing work, this was a refreshing read. It could well be the 'anti-productivity' book we all need. The post includes e-mail correspondence with the author too.

3.25 Books every founder needs to read

November 11, 2021

Founders operate in uncertainty, and many believe nothing can prepare you for it. ‘You’ve got to take the leap of faith and do it’ they’ll say, but that’s a ridiculous advice in my opinion. We can always learn from the experts and mentors. You aren’t the first founder/entrepreneur on earth and your problems aren’t as unique as you imagine them to be.

20 Pages a Day Challenge

June 24, 2021

Are you finding it difficult to make time for reading? Read on to see how I was able to finish over 15 books in just six months with a '20 pages a day challenge'.  I have never been a voracious reader but I am not averse to reading. I definitely enjoy reading. From crime thrillers […]