Devesh Uba’s Blog

February 6, 2022

Two years ago, I completed my full time UX design diploma at BrainStation, Toronto. Having worked with UX designers in my previous roles, my goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the design process so that I can collaborate with designers more effectively.  I really enjoyed the experience and met some great people, while […]

December 30, 2021

I’ve been working on branding/rebranding projects for over a decade, and most of them involve logo redesign. While we all know the importance of great logo design, do we know what makes a great logo? One of the most common question from my client meetings would be - what is great logo? How do you […]

November 11, 2021

Founders operate in uncertainty, and many believe nothing can prepare you for it. ‘You’ve got to take the leap of faith and do it’ they’ll say, but that’s a ridiculous advice in my opinion. We can always learn from the experts and mentors. You aren’t the first founder/entrepreneur on earth and your problems aren’t as unique as you imagine them to be.

November 1, 2021

Case study: Rebranding a 10-year-old boutique corporate law firm. Having started my career in advertising, I enjoy brand strategy projects, particularly rebranding. Rebranding because:  In most cases, the business undertaking the rebranding exercise is aware about their target audience.  The product-market fit has been achieved, which can help guide the rebranding decisions. I found this project on […]

August 17, 2021

While working with ad agencies early in my career, I got involved in projects related to branding. These projects would often involve identifying a name for a product/business and then concept testing it.  Brainstorming business names/brand names became my favourite part of this exercise and with time I got better at it. Since I was […]