20 Pages a Day Challenge

June 24, 2021

Are you finding it difficult to make time for reading? Read on to see how I was able to finish over 15 books in just six months with a '20 pages a day challenge'. 

I have never been a voracious reader but I am not averse to reading. I definitely enjoy reading. From crime thrillers to self-help, I can read whatever piques my interest. In October 2020, I realized I wasn’t reading much. Somehow there was always something important to do, and when there wasn’t I just didn’t feel like reading. 

While chatting with a friend I figured he was also going through the same challenge. He was a voracious reader, member of a few book clubs and someone I would often go for book recommendations. But the lockdown laziness ate away his reading rigour it seemed. “20 pages a day” I suggested, is all we need to get back into the habit again.

That's how the '20 pages a day' started in October 2020

Accepting the 20 Pages a day challenge with my friend felt like a good idea. We agreed to check up on each other weekly, so there was a bit of accountability. The first couple of days were tough, as my mind will come up with excuses. “Watching documentaries on Netflix is equal to reading!” or “Why do you want to read, when you can chill?” - and so many objections that my lazy mind will throw at me. 

I was well aware of this internal resistance. And I also knew it will become easier if I can find a way to fit it into my routine. Once I make something part of my routine the mind stops complaining, I’ve known this from some of the books I read on habits. 

So, all I need to do was insert reading into my existing routine. Not just assigning a time and place for reading, but also the previous and next activities. My morning routine is pretty well established (at least most of the year) and I inserted the task between having breakfast and starting work. It felt right to read something nice, just before starting work. 

Insert reading into the daily morning schedule

The plan worked and I was able to finish around 15 books within the first six months. Since my friend did not make it part of his routine (I don’t think he had one that time), it was tough for him to stay on track. He could only fight his inner sloth for a week, which is commendable for sure, but not enough. 

My 20 pages a day streak however, ended when I started intermittent fasting 🙂

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